System implementations and conversions are complex projects that involve successful execution in many different areas to ensure they are effective. At Emergent Partners, we have structured our System Implementation Support Practice to help you formulate the right strategies for your project, building a strong foundation of effective business processes and proper planning to help make your project a success.

  • Matching Business Process to System Capabilities

  • Efficient Project Management

  • Successful Integration

  • Successful Project Completion


Successful system implementation and conversion projects rely heavily on effective planning, management, and coordination of multiple teams and groups of resources. Emergent Partners has the experience and expertise to help you successfully plan and manage your project by focusing on the following areas:


  • Reviewing the business to determine the type of system needed
  • Assisting internal team(s) with project planning including:
    • Software and Vendor selection
    • Defining system architecture
    • Establishing a project timeline and plan
    • Determining what project resources are needed
    • Developing contingency plans for unexpected events or delays
    • Establishing project budgets and benchmarks
  • Assisting senior management in establishing an effective project management structure for system implementation and conversion projects
  • Ensuring effective collaboration between the technical and functional aspects of the project


  • Performing project management functions or advising senior management or existing project management



  • Providing specialized key resources to support the different aspects of the project during different points of the project lifecycle


Proper business process integration is critical to the success of any implementation or conversion project. We help you make sure that business processes align with system capabilities and that those processes are robust enough to provide a foundation of accurate data for your new system.


Business Process Improvement

Understanding current business processes, identifying areas for improvement, implementing improvements, and ensuring that those improvements match the capabilities of the new system are the foundation for generating accurate data. Emergent Partners can help you through this process in the following ways:

Process Mapping in Preparation for an Implementation or Conversion Project

  • Desktop Procedures
  • Business Management Processes
  • Operational Processes

Process Improvements

  • Pre-Project: Prepare business processes to generate accurate data on business activities to provide a solid foundation for the new system
  • Mid-Project: Improve business processes to exploit known benefits of the new system prior to project completion
  • Post-Project: Tweak business processes to exploit benefits provided by the new system after several iterations of use
  • Identification and Remediation of Known Issues with System Integrations and Business Processes


 Business Process Integration

  • Matching existing business processes with system requirements and capabilities


 System Integration

  • Providing key resources to assist with different aspects of integration projects
  • Thought leadership and experience
  • Advisory services


Are you in the planning stages for an implementation or conversion project or are you just starting to consider upgrading a system? Using our process for reviewing projects and business processes and the high level of experience and expertise of our consultants, Emergent Partners can help you make good decisions in the early stages of your project. We can review existing systems and help you decide whether or not an upgrade is necessary. If you are in the early planning stages, we can show you which of your business processes would need to be improved to facilitate a successful implementation and prioritize those improvements to minimize your expenditure. Are you in the middle of an implementation or conversion project? For ongoing projects, no matter where you are in the project lifecycle we can show you how to improve the effectiveness of your project. If you are over budget or behind schedule, we can recommend to you how to get your project back on track.

Our reviews of your existing systems, business processes, and implementation or conversion projects focus on the following key areas:

Existing System & Business Process Reviews

  • Reporting Capabilities
  • Order to Cash Process Management
  • Procure to Pay Process Management
  • Revenue Recognition Review
  • Payroll Process Management
  • Ease of Use/Number of Custom Workarounds Required
  • Data Organization and Management
  • Accounting & General Ledger Capabilities

Implementation & Conversion Projects

  • Known Deficiencies for Implementation Projects
  • Integration Effectiveness
  • Project Management Structure
  • Setting and Meeting of Project Benchmarks
  • Comparison to Successful Projects at the same Stage